Friday, 15 June 2007

Hollibags '07 USA - The Story So Far ...

Now, don't start with all that "why's the saddo writing to his blog when he's on holiday ??" nonsense ... the truth is, its 30 odd degrees outside, I've just eaten a huge (even by Yank standards) sandwich and I needed the respite in this air conditioned haven ... its was either write to the blog or sleep !!

We traveled down to Florida from New York yesterday and I had my first ever drive on the right experience to get us from Tampa airport to Bradenton ... yip, I know I must have led a sheltered life having gotten this old without having to drive on the right but I'm not too proud to admit it ... thanks to the trusty TomTom we arrived with no problems and made straight for the local fat bastard steak house and then the supermarket for lashings of Sam Adams lager and cheap wine ... then back to the villa to catch the premier of the new season of Rescue Me on FX.

New York was as mental as ever ... on our last visit in 2004 I discovered John’s Pizza on 45th and 7th which was, bare none, the best pizza ever ... this time round, not only did we go back but we went back twice ... those visits, plus Carmines and Virgils means that I'll need to be in the gym every night for the rest of the summer just to get back down to moderately overweight

When we were in Virgils (just off Times Square) Nicola spotted Ian Brown walking in with his entourage ... after calming down from the excitement of being in the presence of a legend, I went up to say hello and ask if I could get a photo with him once he'd finished his meal ... on his way out, he stopped by the table, had a chat and Nicola took the photo you can see in the New York 2007 photo album Turns out he's in NYC mixing his new album. I pulled him up on not playing Aberdeen on his current tour but he tells me they have a date at the AECC lined up for December its just not announced yet ... you heard it here first !!

I thought the hollibags couldn't get much more eventful that that but today, we were in the Publix supermarket in Bradenton topping up the Sam Adams lager and cheap wine stocks when I was asked for ID to prove I was over 21 !!!

We went to a Broadway show on the last night in NYC (The Pirate Queen) which cost us $111 a ticket !!! Even worse, we were all so knackered I think most of us had forty winks in the second half !!!

My next update to the hollibags blog will no doubt read something along the lines of "eat food, drank beer and wine, vegged, got burnt ..." So don't wait up ...


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