Monday, 27 August 2007

4 sleeps til connect ....

The line ups just about finalised and the weather looks promising ... tent's bought and trial erected (fnarr !) ... 6 man tent for two of us including 2 separate internal domes and a beer stash communal area in the middle.

I went all sensible yesterday and bought waterproof & thermal socks (twenty five bleedin' quid ), some gators and a battery LED lantern ... I'm sorted !

Heading to Livingston to kip with Tony on Thursday night (a few practice beers nae doubt) and then head to Inverary first thing Friday to get the tent set up and meet up with Stephen C.

Must see bands so far:


  • The Aliens
  • Aereogramme (last ever gig)
  • Jesus & Mary Chain
  • Beastie Boys


  • Rilo Kiley
  • The Only Ones
  • The Hold Steady
  • Teenage Fanclub
  • Mogwai
  • Modest Mouse


  • Patrick Wolf
  • Aqualung
  • Tilly and the Wall
  • M.I.A.
  • Paul Hartnoll
  • LCD Soundsystem
  • Idlewild

+ the bonus of the midnight to 2am DJ sets by Mogwai on Friday and Mani from Primal Scream on Saturday.

Add to that the setting, the specialist beer / wine / whiskey / cider tents and the fact I'm off work on Monday & Tuesday and I reckon this will be a good one.

Now if Red Star can win tomorrow and the 'tic on Wednesday then there will be proof indeed that Carlsberg do last weeks in August ...